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About Us

Chanah and Richard Robinson are the new owners of BeeGreen Wraps. We are excited about continuing the work of Ben and Sarah who are now traveling the world. The business is a perfect fit for us as we settle into life here in Israel and have always wanted to do something positive for whatever community we are in.

Before making Aliyah in 2017 we had an organic produce company in Northern California. Sonoma Organics was at the forefront of the farm to table movement. We worked with local organic farmers and helped bring their products to the local marketplace. We worked with a wide array of talented chefs that featured local produce in their restaurants. This effort helped local farms survive and thrive.

The re-usable wraps and the re-usable bags are a perfect fit for us as we strongly believe in doing whatever we can to help our community and in turn the planet be a healthier and more sustainable 


We will be adding more products that fit this idea soon and we are happy to hear any suggestions or comments you might have.


B’shalom – Chanah and Richard

חנה וריצ'ארד
Bees at Work

About our manufacturers

We work closely with Shenzhen Nanfang Tongli Technology Co Ltd. a factory in China that for the past 10 years has mostly produced only environmentally friendly products.


They take pride in providing high quality materials produced using the newest in technology machines.


They export to more than fifty countries around the world, assuring quality and trust of their products.

Their certificates include: FDA; LFGB; SGS; ISO; GOST; DGCCRF

Why Not Vegan Wraps?

Some have raised the issue of using beeswax as a substitute for plastic as unfriendly and cruel to bees.


It is important for us to note that this issue is very close to our hearts and when making our decision to sell these beeswax wraps, it was after strong consideration of the alternatives, including vegan wraps.


Vegan wraps consist of either soybean or candelilla wax, which also has many drawbacks on the environment. To grow soybeans in mass quantities, huge areas of deforestation occur. This greatly impacts the homes and lives of many different species of animals. Furthermore, the candelilla plant is considered endangered and many harmful chemicals are produced during the process of candelilla wax.


Alternatively, our beeswax is harvested from a sustainable source. A source that needs to keep their bees alive and healthy in order for them to produce good quality beeswax. Also due to the natural anti-bacterial properties found in beeswax, our wraps help keep food fresh for longer, reducing food waste.


While soybean and candelilla can also be harvested from sustainable sources, this greatly increases their price, making it less affordable to the general population, thus keeping more people using plastic.

And so we decided on beeswax wraps for one of our ways to limit our carbon footprint. We hope this product brings you joy and comfort in knowing you too can play a role in making this world a better and greener place.

פטריות טריות בעטיפת נייר משעוות דבורים ולמה בחרנו בשעוות דבורים
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